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Menes Kedar

Designer – Artist – Entrepreneur


Kedar is an artist-designer, singer-songwriter, producer-engineer. He attained a BA in Art and Design from NCSU College of Design and an MS in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University.


Support the creation of new works by Menes in this section. Get made to order, limited edition fashion. Deck your walls and vibe with conscious lyrics, sweet melodies and banging beats.


Needing to get your creative juices flowing or get your party rocking? Use this form to request commissioned art, design, music and more. After filling out the form please call (914) 719-7429 to talk to the team directly.

Featured Artwork

The Oracle

12x 12 Acrylic on canvas

Multi-Racial Cyborgs

12×12 Acrylic on canvas


About the Artist

The founder of Iwave.Energy. Menes Kedar is an artist-designer, singer-songwriter, producer-engineer, with a background in computer science and sales, hailing from St. Thomas USVI. Raised in Durham North Carolina, he was introduced to Hip Hop and began studying the elements at the age of 7. He went on to publish multiple albums, and attain a BA in Art and Design from NCSU’s College of Design. He attained a Master’s Degree in Entertainment Business at Full Sail University. His work focuses on spirituality’s intersection with science, identity, culture, and surrealism.

Self Portrait of Menes 2001
Latest work:

Art Gallery

Music, art and video converge as NFTs and social media content.

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